If you know anything about terriers, and Parson (or Jack) Russell Terriers in particular, you’ll know that they have very little sense of boundary. I love watching PRT races. The dogs bolt out of their starting gates and from there, all bets are off. They cross all five lanes, swerve, spin, stop in front of the other dogs, and sometimes run so hard they flip clean over. I think this is why I love the breed…I can relate.

Photo by Steve-65 via Wikimedia Comons

Photo by Steve-65 via Wikimedia Comons

I’m getting back to my first passion–writing. I had to abandon it for a while because, like the PRT, I’m contrary: I’m both hyper-focused and easily distracted. Now that my kids are off doing their thing, it’s time to return to writing and all that comes with it. Lucky for me that includes lots of stuff that will, hopefully, bump me out of my lane once in a while. If you’re here, I hope you won’t mind the occasional veer and maybe even a loop-de-loop now and again.