New Year, New Attitude


1411963974-800pxNothing says “You stink at this!” like the year-end stats from WordPress. Yikes!

Now it’s true, the focus remained on my writing this year, finding outlets for shorter works, and querying my novel. I’ve enjoyed moderate success, though not the ultimate prize. Yet. Unfortunately, I’m not great at spreading myself around, writing wise. I have a terrier avatar for a reason. I gnaw on one thing until…well you get the picture. So expending energy on blogging has gone right to the bottom of my list.

Uncomfortably (for an introvert), it’s getting more obvious every year that taking an active role in one’s writing career via promotion and visibility might be a make or break proposition. Not news, I know, just an idea I never wanted to face. In fact, the thought makes me cringe. But the old publishing paradigms are vanishing. The path to having a novel “published” might be traditional (with paper books, ebooks, advances, promo), or ebook only (tiny, or no advances, limited promo), via self-publishing, or some hybrid plan. According to this somewhat depressing article by Publishing Trends, 5 Predictions For Trade Publishing in 2016, traditional publishing might be battening down the hatches even tighter, relying even more heavily on established authors, even bringing back old, popular characters for another go-round. Which means fewer slots for unproven authors.

I’m not ready to concede to going this alone, but there’s a limit to how reclusive I can be in this day and age. Those who can’t stomach the stage lights will linger in the dark, right? Yes, that’s right. Get over it, E.

But self-talk and stats are vastly different things. I can cheerlead myself into believing I need to get “out there,” but seeing a stat like, “The busiest day of your blogging year was 15 views”…UGH! How embarrassing is that?

So here’s hoping humiliation is enough to kick me into gear, especially because I’m going to have some fun news to report in the next few months. That’ll have to do it, because there’s no way I’m clicking that button to let WordPress make my miserable stats public. Hell no! I’m not that much of a masochist.

To you, my precious few—thus all the more prized—readers, I wish a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling 2016!



6 thoughts on “New Year, New Attitude

  1. As a fellow ‘introverted-writer-with-a-blog-thingie’…

    *checks own end-of-year stats again, backs away slowly*

    …oh man. What was I saying? 🙂

    Oh yeah: there’s an audience for everything. And I believe that agents and publishers and readers are hungry for good writing, and that the writers who keep trying, keep plugging, keep querying and writing and not giving up, will eventually find those people and vise versa.

    Whatever you decide to do, whatever approach you decide to take, I wish you good luck and good fortune in the coming year. I look forward to your fun news, and wish you tidings of great joy. If what goes around, comes around, you’ll have the world by the balls one day because you’re a special person, Elaine. Looking forward to it, for sure.

    Love and Happy New Year, Puppy!

    xoxo kk

    • Much love back atcha, kk. Luckily I have people like you in my life to prove there’s absolutely no reason to get down on publishing. So many great stories being written by such lovely people. We have to roll with the times, is all. I’m just a little slower on my lane changes these days. 😀

      Can’t wait to see what awaits you in 2016, either! ❤ ❤

      Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. *whistling innocently and hoping I had nothing to do with this post idea entering like an insidious worm into your brain*

    Just keep working at it, oh wise woman who gives sage advice to those in need! And I’m really looking forward to the good news announcements, you tease.

    Best wishes for a successful 2016 – may your pen be swift, your writing flourish, and the plot bunnies manageable.


    • No no, no worries, EW! It was the nefarious WordPress email that got me thinking. Although, any impetus to make me blog is good impetus, so if it’s your brainworms, I’m takin’ ’em!

      All the best to you this coming year, too. I do believe I’m going to have some new reading material coming along soon, right? *waggles brows*

  3. Hey Elaine, I know the feeling–I’m dreading getting back on Twitter. It’s like the social media social worker is going to scold me or something.

    Here’s an idea I use when I’m stuck for posts–I share good info from AW threads. Not word for word, of course, but when there’s a long thread on Basic Writing that people are engaged in, it shows there’s still interest in the topic. So I summarize my thoughts and share them. Just tossing it out there in case it helps. 🙂

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