An NFL Mea Culpa—NOT


Well, well, well…It took too long, but I’ll give the NFL, and Commissioner Roger Goodell credit for coming around. Maybe the number of female fans of the NFL was close to accurate after all, although, I saw plenty of evidence that the outrage against Ray Rice’s paltry penalty spread across genders.

Unfortunately, those voices saying things like “Women need to watch how they behave so they don’t incite a man to hit them.” and “We don’t know who started the fight. Maybe it was her fault.” and even “Two games is a huge penalty. He has to stand and watch his teammates play without him!” were overwhelmingly male voices, some of them with humongous public platforms, others who cried out from behind computers and phones anonymously, all of whose mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers would be appalled. Shame on you.

I’ll give the NFL credit, and count it as a blow against barbarity in whatever form.

Fuck that. I’ll save further comment for another day when my brain isn’t so crowded with unsavory thoughts.


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